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A French pattern can come in either tile or pavers. The tile pattern is really popular as an indoor option

A travertine French pattern is becoming the premium solution for those wanting a pattern to their natural stone flooring. A travertine Versailles pattern is made up of real travertine stone. Consumers tend to want some sort of design to their flooring instead of a typical straight lay piece. In fact, contractors were finding themselves cutting pieces of tile to fit various design needs. The travertine Versailles has stepped in to fill that need. The pattern is bought in bundles or sets of 8 square foot or 16 square foot. Eight square feet represents a bundle and 16 square feet represents a complete set. A bundle of a French pattern has one piece of 16x24, two pieces of 16x16, one piece of 8x16 and 2 pieces of 8x8. In order to figure out how many will be in a set, just double the numbers of a bundle. Most companies will force you to buy a complete set of 16 square feet.

A French pattern can come in either tile or pavers. The tile pattern is really popular as an indoor option. The pavers are used outside because they can be as thick as an inch and a quarter which gives the natural support to withstand outdoor conditions. The advantage of a French pattern is that the contractor does not have to cut each piece in order to create the pattern. If a contractor had to cut each tile for a 1000 square foot job, the job would cost an incredible amount of money and take a great deal of time. But the tile comes with all the pieces precut so the installer just has to arrange the pieces and start the install. Most travertine French patterns come in what is called a "chisiled" edge. Some people call that a broken edge. Part of the appeal of the pattern is the rough and rugged edge. The travertine pattern can also come in tumbled and straight edging but those type of pieces are more challenging to find.