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    18 x 18 Light Travertine Special Price : $1.89 / sq.ft.,...

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    Versaille Pattern Travertine Special Price : $2.49,...

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Monthly Specials

 Natural Stone Tile Pattern




Versaillespattern.com is a leading importer and distributor of French pattern natural stone throughout US and Canada. We here at Versaillespattern.com want to help you find that look you have always wanted in an ashlar pattern. Quality patterns are hard to find, we know, that is why we have made this website. We are dedicated to offering you a wide array of unique patterns options ranging from slate and travertine to marble and porcelain. So you will be sure to find what you are looking for.


If you are looking to install these beautiful patterns outside, around a pool, or on a driveway try our paver patterns that are a 1/14 inch thick; that are what designers and contractors prefer. Our tile pattern is premium porcelain and is perfect for large bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms. These are some of the first rooms your guests will experience as they explore your home, so start them off with a great impression and they will be eager to see the rest of it. Certain rooms, such as dining rooms, foyers and patios, have been more popular for our premium travertine Versailles pattern; they are very durable and tough having withstood the test of time the world over.


Whether you are building or renovating a home, one of the first decisions you’ll make is choosing what kind of material you would like your pattern in. We here at Versaillespattern.com want to make finding that perfect look, you have always wanted, easy.


Versaillespattern.com is one of the leading suppliers of exquisite patterns in a variety of natural and man-made products. Ensuring the highest quality for our customers, we strive to work with only the most reparable manufacturers, who meet our strict standards.


Let us  show you how our innovative thinking, leadership through service, and above all, our commitment to  providing a quality product at a reasonable price , can help you achieve your dreams and has made us the business we are today and what we will become in the future.